How to Choose an Ab Roller

Step 1

Consider there are two wheel types of ab rollers that offer stability. Those with foam-covered handles are more comfortable. That seems to be important.

Step 2

There are different types. Some have two wheels and offer extra stabilization. Others have one wheel.

Step 3

Consider differences in construction. Is the handle made of steel or plastic? If it is made of plastic, what is the gauge or thickness?

Step 4

Is the grip textured or smooth?

Step 5

Consider comfort: Is the grip padded?

Step 6

Consider durability. Will it break during heavy or intense use?


Step 7

Some models have foam-covered handles. Other models have handles made of rubber.


Step 8

Some models have adjustable handles. Others can be disassembled when not in use.

Step 9

Consider capacity – how much weight can the roller handle?